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Northampton County Quilt Trail

The Northampton County Quilt Trail features painted quilt squares that are unique and reflects the history of this area’s agriculture and the passions of the trail’s participants. Many squares are painted from family heirloom quilts while some were designed to show the history of or the present-day working on the farm.

Visitors are encouraged to stop and take photographs from the roadside. Several farms may also offer their seasonal produce or other goods for sale. While touring the Quilt Trail, please be considerate of private property.

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Barn Quilt Locations

Name Address GPS Notes
Gaston Co-Operative, Inc. 120 Co-Op Lane (Hwy 46) Garysburg, NC 27831 36.48580067225607, -77.61931368485908 On a cotton warehouse
Farmers Peanut Market 529 Peanut Market Rd., Seaboard, NC 27876 36.501072583575194, -77.443911984624 On the building, left of office
Danny & Darlene Jernigan 1295 US Hwy 158, Jackson, NC 27845 36.42657769596438, -77.52578137396095 On a tin building, facing Jackson
Lassiter Farms 195 Pin Hook Rd, Lasker, NC 27845 36.34079039881125, -77.30679916520566 On a white farm building
Charles Grantham Farm Hwy 258, Rich Square NC 27869 36.234629147307814, -77.35349482065817 Between Scotland Neck and Square on farm shelter
Tommy & Nancy Flythe 972 Jordan Mill Rd., Seaboard NC 27876 36.515535307944006, -77.41593188911492 On a farm shelter
4 D Farms (Davis Family) 1005 Devils Racetrack Rd., Seaboard NC 27876 36.48613983746468, -77.40365847978921 In memory of Anderson Davis
Red Barn Market 13858 Hwy 158, Murfreesboro, NC 27855 36.43831405289048, -77.14570185010966 Barn quilt on the left side, faceing Conway. In memory of Ruth Sumner Boone